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    Order Guideline
    A. Order placement
        You can order your peptide service as follows; our staff will confirm your order information with your after receiving your order.
        1. Login/Register your account, Place your order; 
        2. Click Order Online, complete and submit your order;
        3. Please download and complete the Peptide Service/Product Order Form , and e-mail to peptide@bioway-pku.com;
        4. Call us on +86-596-6070300 to offer the information of the order to our sales people; 
    B. Sign the Contract
        After confirm the order, please download and complete the Peptide Service/Product Contract, the details of the contract may revise after mutual negotiation. 
    C. Way of Payment
        Please TT to:
        Beneficiary’s Name: Zhangzhou Sinobioway Peptide Co., Ltd.
        Beneficiary’s A/C Number:
        SWIFT BIC: 
    D. Express and Address
        Ship Address or Delivery Address: No.518 Nanbin Road, Zhangzhou Economic Development Zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China.
        Name of Express: Pan Daoyuan(Mr.)
        Telephone: +86-596-6070300
    E. Delivery ways and Method of Product Preservation
        Usually, the product is delivery by EMS; if EMS is not available for you, please let us know.
        If the product need cold-chain transportation, please let us know. 
    F. After-sale Service
        1. All the products are delivered after strict quality inspection. We will offer exchange or return service if any problems were found. .(Please complete the Product Complaint Form)
        2. The products are regarded as qualified if no problems were put forward in one month, and then no refund or compensation will be offered.
        3. If you have any problem of product quality, please do not put forward when it has already or nearly been used up, so that we are able to recycle for quality inspection.



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