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    Peptide Analysis

    A. You can order your peptide service as follows; our staff will confirm your order information with your after receiving your order.

    1. Please complete and submit the Custom Peptide Online Order to place your order;

    2. Please download and complete the Peptide Analysis Order Form, and e-mail to sales@bambio.com;

    3. Please Call us on +86-592-5592613/3620265 or send fax to +86-592-5592610 to offer the information of the peptide to our sales people;


    B. Peptide Modification Items


    No. Service Items Instrument Object
    1 MS spectra MALDI-MS

    Identify the molecular weight

    2 HPLC Chromatograms HPLC

    Purity analysis


    C. Delivery Specifications

    1. Lyophilized peptide of the required sequence, purity, and quantity aliquoted into # of vials specified by customer.

    2. QC reports including MS spectra, HPLC chromatograms, and COA documents.

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